Preparing the Bride of Christ

The preparation of the bride of Christ is not determined by age, race, intelligence, or denomination. None of these factors will play any part in how the Lord prepares a Christian. Rather, it is determined by the individual’s heart condition, and how Jesus Christ can change him.

Here are some questions that will be addressed:

• Are all Christians prepared just because they are saved?
• What does it mean to be prepared?
• Will all Christians be included in the marriage?

The Lord Jesus is at work today in the hearts and lives of those Christians that truly love Him. For those who are willing, the Lord is working to prepare them for the most important event of all. Nothing ever seen, heard, or experienced will be able to compare with the marriage of Jesus to His bride, and the intimacy that will follow.

This book uncovers the hidden truth of the preparation of the bride of Christ, which is a subject not often addressed in the church. The message in this book is to help the Christian see some of the necessary elements the Lord uses in preparation for the marriage. This teaching is based on Ephesians 5:27, “That He (Jesus) might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle,” as well as other places in the Bible where this truth is concealed. If this teaching is received, the heart of the individual Christian will be open to the Lord, enabling him to enter the process of preparation, which is necessary for the union with Jesus Christ.

The Author

bookPictureThis book, Preparing the Bride of Christ, was birthed out of “the burden of the Word of the Lord,” which grew in the heart of the author in the years following his teaching on this subject.
Alex has taught in churches, home Bible studies, and currently teaches at Cornerstone Bible Center where he has trained ministers of the Gospel since 1987.

He ministered in MEPI Bible Training Facility located in the Amazon basin of Peru, and in many different churches of that region. In addition, he has taught seminars for pastors in various cities in Guatemala. The author also taught in Poland and Germany. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife, Linda, their four children and grandchildren.

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Book Comments

I know it is the earnest desire of the author that, as you read this book, you would find that pearl of great value that remains hidden until found by a seeking and hungry heart.

James Parnell
Teacher, Cornerstone Bible Center
There are many years of experience and dedication to the Lord contained in this little book. I believe “Preparing the Bride of Christ” will be bread to hungry hearts, as well as an aid in Bible study and sermon preparation.

Pastor James Klein
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
In his book “Preparing the Bride of Christ”, he presents a much-needed challenge to all of us who say we are Christians, to surrender wholeheartedly to the dealings of God in our lives. He helps us to understand that the Lord’s purpose and heart in these dealings is to build us up, that we would be made ready for the coming marriage supper of the Lamb and His Bride.

Eric J. Fox
Missionary to the pastors of Central America
School of Christ Seminars

Book Snippets

True faith will take us where we do not know and then where we do not want to go. Faith in God will open our eyes to the personal call of God for us and will challenge us to operate in a place far above our individual ability, and it will take faith in Him to remain and function there. Faith in anything other than God Himself will not be sufficient.

Obedience, this one single characteristic which we see in the Lord, if lacking in the believer, can cause him to miss God’s personal call for him.

All disobedience has one thing in common. The individual puts the desires of the flesh above the will of God.

Obedience to the Lord will guarantee that the sacrifice of your life will be accepted.

Our walk with the Lord is to be consistent so that we are not vacillating back and forth between sin and obedience and between our own will and His.

One great hindrance to correct response to the Lord is our own self-pursuits.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God.” (James 4:7). In this verse, the word “submit” is a command to become passive to the Lord’s desires and will.

Without strong dedication to the Lord, we will not be interested in gleaning spiritual things from Him in our circumstances; we will only be interested in changing them because they are unpleasant. If that is the case, we will miss opportunity after opportunity to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ and will pass from this life with great loss.

The five foolish virgins were not prepared because they were not willing to go through the things that would bring about preparedness in their lives.

Preparation does not occur through one method alone, but through various means in which the Holy Spirit works in the willing heart to prepare the Christian for the marriage.

We should have a desire to be married to the Lord and to go through whatever is necessary to transform our hearts into a spiritual state that is presentable to Jesus Christ.

The marriage will be so good, so right, and so wonderful beyond what we could ever imagine…