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Exodus class 9

Exodus Chapter 11, the tenth plague of Egypt, the death of the firstborn.

God accomplished His intended purpose through the plagues.

  1. He delivered Israel.
  2. The continued teaching of Moses in preparation for forty years in the wilderness.
  3. He showed Israel that He is God, the true God. And even though they remained in unbelief, that He would care for them.
  4. God demonstrated the vanity of the Egyptian gods to save them or help them.

The Exodus was the projection of God through Moses.


What the Exodus meant to Israel:

  1. A beginning of a new life, calendar, and month. A new calendar for religious observances starting with Passover. This parallels the Christian life in that when we were birthed from above, we began a whole new life. As a Christian, our new calendar began with the new birth.
  2. Israel became a theocracy.
  3. It was to be the beginning of a new fellowship – the feast of Passover, a festival gathering.



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Teacher – Alex Delpercio