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Romans class 4


Rom 7:5 “For when we were in the flesh, the sinful passions which were aroused by the law were at work in our members to bear fruit to death.” NKJV

If the motions or passions of the flesh are at work within they will move one away from God. The one who allows the passions of the flesh to work in them will have fruit, but not the fruit God desires.

Rom 7:1 “Or do you not know, brethren (for I speak to those who know the law), that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives?” NKJV
As long as the Christian moves in the flesh, the law will have dominion over them. The flesh (carnal nature) must die so that the Christian can live unto God. If the flesh is not dead that one will be under the law even as a Christian.

If we die (not physical death) we will no longer be under the law.

Rom 6:14 “For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” NKJV

The flesh must die so that the Christian can begin to move in resurrection life.


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Teacher – Alex Delpercio