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Exodus class 1

The book of Exodus can be divided into three main sections:

  1. Law
  2. The Tabernacle
  3. The priesthood

There are three main subjects:

  1. Ch. 1-18 – The power of God was displayed, the call of Moses, he was sent to Egypt, the plagues, etc.
  2. Ch. 20-40 – The wisdom of God – the Law given, the Tabernacle.

Between these two basic categories you have chapter 19.

    3. The Mount – going up and meeting with God, the holiness of God, etc.

God calls Moses to be the instrument to take the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Egypt is a type of the world.   And as the Israelites were taken out from Egypt,  the Christian is also to come out from among the world.

God’s people will be tested to see if they can be guided and be faithful in the difficult times in the wilderness.


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Teacher – Alex Delpercio